Graffiti - Abstract, Designs and concepts

Detail of graffiti on a wall ideal for urban or grunge background (C22757)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one What: Concrete Spray Paint spraypaint spraypainted spraypainting graffiti graffitti grafitti design painting picture paint painted paintings pictures art artistic Tag signature writing tags Urban ghetto Vandalised vandalized vandalism crime criminal illegal Juvenile youth culture cultural Where: Slum street scene street scenes Wall walls Brick Wall brickwall wall walls Why: Creativity Expression expressive Talent ability How: Modern new Multi-colored multi-coloured multicoloured multicolored colourful colorful color colour vivid vibrant bright colors colours Pastel soft shade muted shades color colour colors colours Closeup close up close-up detail details closeups Cropped part of partial Vertical Background backdrop backgrounds backdrops Design designs Graphic Grunge grungy Abstract Bright Texture textured textures

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