Mixed currency - Financial, Backgrounds and textures

Various currencies, including US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and Indian rupees (C13989)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one What: Business Travel Expense Payment pay income earnings Investment investing Profit Making Money wealth prosperity prosperous rich wealthy fortune Canadian Dollar canada currency denomination currencies denominations money monetary finance financial business Dollar bucks american us dollars Euro european Indian Rupees india asian rs INR rupaye rubai rupee Slovenian Tolar Slovenia Sterling Pound british english pounds Bill bank note paper banknote bills notes banknotes cash Bureau de Change foreign exchange forex rate international Tourism travel Many lots loads numerous Where: World global universal international Why: Variety assortment mixed varied various assorted mixture different differing selection choice variation How: Multi-colored multi-coloured multicoloured multicolored colourful colorful color colour vivid vibrant bright colors colours Closeup close up close-up detail details closeups From Above overhead looking down Horizontal Collection Display Loose Montage collage Overlapping overlapped overlap Interleaved overlapping overlapped overlap Scattered Selection mixed assortment mixture mix assorted different various variety Background backdrop backgrounds backdrops Spread out pattern patterns patterned

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