Footprints in snow - Snow, Backgrounds and textures

A line of deep footprints in fresh snow (C18055)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one What: Climbing ascend ascending climb walking walk striding stride moving movement motion Trekking trek Trudging trudge Hiking hike trek trekking walking rambling leisure recreation recreational Footprint foot print track trail footstep step footprints foot prints trails tracks When: Seasonal season seasons Wintry winter wintertime time winters Where: Pristine untouched purity Snow-covered snow covered snowy cover Climate climates Frozen frigid freezing cold chill chilling Crisp Powder Bad Weather weather Path track pathway trail paths tracks trails countryside country rural rustic Outdoors outside exterior outdoor Why: Freshness fresh Journey Serenity serene calm calmness peaceful peace Simplicity simple Solitude solitary alone Survival surviving struggle life survive How: Clean White Closeup close up close-up detail details closeups White Space whitespace copyspace space for text copy space Horizontal Background backdrop backgrounds backdrops Abstract

Paul Maguire, all rights reserved.