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Teddy bears with stethoscope posing as doctor and patient. Ideal to illustrate pediatrics (C13774)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one Sweet cute What: Examining analysing analyzing analyze analyse examine inspecting checking check inspect inspection examination review reviewing Comforting comfort hugging hug holding hold held Role Playing roleplay roleplaying pretending pretend Sitting seated sat sit Physical Contact touching touch _Illness ailment health Professional profession professionals healthcare health care wellbeing medical medicine industry health service general medical General Practitioner gp physician physicians doctor doctors Checkup check-up check up checking wellbeing exam physical examination checkups examinations Clinic clinical clinics hospital hospitals Diagnostic diagnosis diagnose analysis investigation prognosis medical equipment scientific science Auscultation listen listening heart heart beat heartbeat stethoscope stethescope stethoscopes instrument apparatus device instruments devices tool tools Paediatrician pediatrician paediatrics pediatrics paediatric pediatric Patient patients Medicine Teddy Bear teddies teddybear bears animal animals soft toy stuffed plush cuddly toy toys childhood Couple 2 two pair Why: Imaginary pretend imagination imaginary Trust Affection affectionate fond fondness Care caring Comforting comfort Empathy Support supporting How: Beige buff brown Cream White Space whitespace copyspace space for text copy space Isolated on White white background over white isolated cut out cut-out Horizontal Border frame surround edge borders frames Template templates

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