Snowman - Snowman, House and home

Closeup of a snowman wearing shades, hat and scarf, with copyspace (C18322)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one Cute What: Buttons clothing clothes dress attire Glasses spectacles eyeglasses Sunglasses sun glasses shades Woolly Hat woollen knitted woolen hat cap hats caps headwear head wear headgear head gear Scarf Winter wear gear warm protection Costume outfit costumes outfits wearing clothed in dress dressed wear Smart Stylish fashionable trendy Heritage tradition traditional traditions local culture cultural When: Seasonal season seasons Wintry winter wintertime time winters Decoration Decorative decorations christmas christmastime xmas yule tide yuletide noel december season seasonal christmassy holiday festive Where: Winter Wonderland snow-covered snow covered snowy cover Carrot snowman snow man figure manmade man made homemade snowmen Real Yard back yard backyard Outdoors outside exterior outdoor Why: Childhood youth Fun How: Contemporary Traditional Black White Closeup close up close-up detail details closeups Copyspace space for text copy space Cropped part of partial Vertical

Paul Maguire, all rights reserved.