Peacock feathers closeup - Birds, Animals and wildlife

Cropped detail of feathers in a peacock tail displayed in courtship (C26637)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one Beautiful beauty stunning attractive pretty Elegant elegance What: Courting court courtship Showing Off show off show-off displaying display Male animal animals Feathers feather Plumage feathered Tail Fanned fan open tail Indian Blue common pavo cristatus peafowl pea fowl exotic bird bird birds Peacock pea cock peacocks Beauty In Nature natural beauty beautiful nature How: Colourful colorful color colour vivid vibrant bright colors colours Multi-colored multi-coloured multicoloured multicolored colourful colorful color colour vivid vibrant bright colors colours Macro closeup close up close-up detail details closeups Copyspace space for text copy space Cropped part of partial Vertical Background backdrop backgrounds backdrops Pattern patterns patterned Abstract Bright Shimmering shimmer shiny shining texture textured textures Smooth Soft

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