Blue sky and clouds - Sky, Landscapes and environment

Clouds in a clear blue sky scene (C21708)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one What: Environment environmental environmentalism Nature Atmosphere atmospheric meteorology When: Daytime day day time daylight Where: Dramatic Expanse vista Scenic scene scenery scenes scenics Blue Sky skies clear Climate climates Cloud Formation cloudscape nephology cloudscapes cloudy cloud clouds Scattered clouds Good Weather weather Altitude high sky skies Cumulus Fluffy puffy Wispy Skyscape scene skies skyscapes Outdoors outside exterior outdoor Why: Conceptual Concept Heaven Serenity serene calm calmness peaceful peace Tranquility tranquil peaceful tranquillity How: Blue White Colourful colorful color colour vivid vibrant bright colors colours Horizontal Background backdrop backgrounds backdrops High Key Sunlight shining sun light Bright Contrast

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