New York Skycraper - New York skyscrapers, New York

W R Grace building against a blue sky. (C25383)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one What: Tall big large size High tall Where: Blue Sky skies clear WR Grace Building W R gordon bunshaft 42nd street manhattan manhattan island manhatten new york city nyc new york newyork ny state united states of america usa us american america american Front facade exterior outside exteriors Window windows Construction engineering architecture architectural Modern Building structure buildings Corporate office offices commercial business Skyscraper sky scraper tower towers skyscrapers high rise highrise building Landmark landmarks place of interest interesting place places attraction attractions Tourist Attraction tourist attractions tourist site sight Capital city cities urban Cityscape cityscapes Downtown How: Black White Closeup close up close-up detail details closeups From Below Perspective Tilted tilt angle angled slant slanted Unusual Angle Copyspace space for text copy space Cropped part of partial Vertical Converging Lines Design designs Perpendicular Structure Concave shape shaped Curved curve

Paul Maguire, all rights reserved.