Jogging in Paris - Le Viaduc des Arts, Paris

A jogger runs along the top of Le Viaduc des Arts, France (C30850)

Keywords: Who: People person Alone solitary alone solo one person 1 people person Pedestrian pedestrians 30s thirties Adult adults European caucasian white Woman women adult adults female females Man men adult adults males Athletic fit What: Walking walk striding stride moving movement motion Jogger joggers jogging jog running run Runner runners Exercising keeping fit fitness exercise physical activity recreation recreational Urban development When: Daytime day day time daylight Where: On top of Le Viaduc des Arts la promenade plantee avenue daumesnil coulee verte artes faubourg saint antoine paris parisian parisienne france french western europe west europe europe european Construction engineering architecture architectural Structure Viaduct viaducts bridge bridges Railway rail railroad viaduct viaducts Redevelopment developed redeveloped Formal Garden garden gardens Landscaped Park parkland parks Landmark landmarks place of interest interesting place places attraction attractions Outdoors outside exterior outdoor Footpath foot path trail path road roads route routes Walkway Pedestrianised pedestrianized pavement sidewalk street streets Why: Restored refurbished restoration How: Disused old aged Obsolete defunct Abandoned Vertical

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