Commuters - Commuters, At work

Commuters in casual business dress walk to work (C22700)

Keywords: Who: Crowd crowds crowded many people many several large group group of people people person Crowded busy crowd crowds crowded Pedestrian pedestrians Public Adult adults Man men adult adults males male Legs only legs leg Rear View from behind back What: Carrying carry carries holding hold held Walking walk striding stride moving movement motion Trudging trudge walking walk striding stride Busy working work Business concept Commuter passenger traveller traveler commuters passengers travelers travellers commuting commute business travel Rush Hour rat race Businessman business man businessmen men business people business person office worker office workers Workforce work force Casual wear informal wearing clothed in dress dressed wear clothing clothes dress attire Daily Routine habit lifestyle Umbrella When: Morning daytime day day time daylight Weekday Where: Street Scene street scenes Outdoors outside exterior outdoor Pavement sidewalk street streets road roads route routes Centre downtown center centers centres urban Capital city cities Why: Hassle hassled stress Hurry hurried hurrying rush rushing rushed fast pace fast-paced fast paced hectic How: Cropped part of partial Horizontal

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