Snow on tree - Snow, Winter

Top of a tree with snow on the branches, isolated against a white background with copy space (C18261)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one What: Leaf leaves foliage leaves greenery green leafage Bay evergreen tree trees Conifer coniferous fir conifers Branch branches Tree Top treetop treetops Nature When: Seasonal season seasons Wintry winter wintertime time winters Christmas christmastime xmas yule tide yuletide noel december season seasonal christmassy holiday festive Where: Snowscape snowscene snowscenes snowscapes snow-covered snow covered snowy cover Frozen frigid freezing cold chill chilling Snowflake snow flake snowflakes flakes Snowing snowfall snow fall falling Weather Outdoors outside exterior outdoor How: White Closeup close up close-up detail details closeups White Space whitespace copyspace space for text copy space Cropped part of partial Isolated on White white background over white isolated cut out cut-out Horizontal Background backdrop backgrounds backdrops Border frame surround edge borders frames Design designs Template templates

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