Sufetula, Sbeitla - Tunisia

The Great Baths at the Sufetula roman ruins in Sbeitla, Tunisia (C19782)

Keywords: Who: Nobody no-one What: Stone Ruins ruin ruined remains archaeology archeology archaeological archeological Artwork work of art works art artistic Mosaic tessellated tessera tessellation tessella design Civilisation Arabic arab culture cultural History historical Temple temples place of worship religion religious When: Past Daytime day day time daylight Where: The Great Baths public bath spa sufetula sbeitla tunisia tunisian maghreb maghrib north africa africa african Roman Doric tuscan style column support pillar columns pillars Exterior outside exteriors Tiled tile tiles tiling floor flooring floors Roman Ruins roman ancient historic old historical traditional architecture architectural Structure Building structure buildings Forum Monument landmark monuments Landmark landmarks place of interest interesting place places attraction attractions Cultural tourist attraction tourist attractions tourist site sight Outdoors outside exterior outdoor Site City cities urban How: Ancient old aged Weathered worn Preserved Closeup close up close-up detail details closeups Vertical Decorated decoration decorative Geometric geometrical pattern patterns patterned Square shape shaped Style

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